Creating content that resonates with your audience is the key to success, as I’ve learned as a digital marketer.  In my viewpoint, there are 17 kinds of social media content that frequently stimulate interest and amplify brand recognition.

Practical Tips:

Sharing practical tips related to an industry or niche is an excellent way to provide value to your followers.  For example if you are a fitness influencer – You can advice on how to maintain a nutritious diet, how to carry out specific workouts etc.

Inspirational Content:

People enjoy experiencing inspiration and motivation from content.  I have realized that sharing motivational content such as quotes, anecdotes, or even sharing my personal experience has enabled me to form a more intimate bond with my viewers.  Additionally, it has permitted me to develop a more significant bond with them.

User-Generated Content:

By using user-generated content (UGC), you can actively involve your target audience in your social media strategy.  For example, if you are a fashion brand, you can urge your supporters to share their own photographs or tales linked to your brand.  Personally, this worked well for multiple clients from the B2C industry.

Humorous Content:

Universal in its appeal, humor can be used as a great icebreaker when connecting with your followers.  Making your followers laugh has been accomplished by incorporating memes or funny videos related to my industry or niche.

Product Promotions:

Your products or services need promotion as an essential part of social media marketing.  Yet, I have discovered that the solution is to perform it in a manner that doesn’t appear sales or forceful.  I have promoted my clients’ products or services by sharing product demos, customer reviews, or even running a survey etc.

Behind the scenes:

Humanizing your brand is possible through sharing behind-the-scenes content that offers your followers a sneak peek into your work or creative process.  It is mostly followed/used by celebrities, and fashion brands but can be extended to any other organization.


Infographics prove to be an incredible tool to showcase convoluted information visually.  From personal experience audiences like to spread the word when it is simple, informative & objective.  

Polls & Surveys:

To obtain feedback from your followers, using polls and surveys is a fantastic approach.  Additionally, they involve them in the process of making decisions.  I have gathered feedback on my clients’ products/ services using polls and surveys.  Furthermore, I have analysed them to find my followers concerning the sort of content they desire to perceive more.

Live Videos:

Connecting with your followers through live videos is an effective strategy.  To share important news, conduct question-and-answer sessions, webinars or just engage with my audience. It can give your brand a much-needed branding boost. Audiences tend to participate & love to hear back from brands on live.

Personal Stories:

Sharing personal anecdotes has allowed us to make a deeper connection with our audience.  You should show your followers that I’m similar to them by sharing your own victories and obstacles. It’s one of the best ways to build your personal brand.

Industry Trends:

Remaining current with industry or niche news and trends can aid you in creating relevant and timely content.  Providing helpful information to followers is why I share news articles or trends related to the industry.


Contests and giveaways are an effective method of boosting brand recognition and showing appreciation for your devoted supporters.  I’ve held contests and sweepstakes in order to offer audience the possibility of winning the items or services which worked out better than expected.


Inquiring your followers is a great approach to stimulate involvement and begin a conversation.  To obtain feedback or opinions, I posed questions relating to industry or niche to followers. This way your brand can demonstrate how serious you are about adding value to the customers.


Sharing your expertise and knowledge on a particular topic can be done effectively through podcasts.  Also, you can establish a personal connection with your audience through them.  Podcasts are ideal for busy individuals who are frequently on-the-move and need mobile entertainment.  Also, their charm lies in this convenience.  I have discovered that podcasts are an excellent means to establish expertise and create a committed audience.


Providing value to your audience through beneficial content is possible by sharing e-books on social media.  Creating e-books related to your niche can establish authority for marketers.  Furthermore, it can support you in creating a faithful following.  Your email list can be expanded by using e-books as lead magnets to ask for email addresses.


To establish authority, sharing research and statistics concerning your industry or niche is a great method.  In addition, it contributes value to your audience.  To establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry, consider sharing research and statistics which has been effective based on my experience as a marketer.

Holiday & Festivals:

A fantastic method of showing your audience the personality of your brand is by sharing content concerning holidays and festivals.  Likewise, it suggests that your brand is following the latest news.  The marketer noted that sharing holiday and festival-related content can help establish strong connections with your audience, resulting in greater engagement.  Respectful and appropriate content sharing requires being cognizant of cultural sensitivities.

Diverse aims can be accomplished through numerous types of social media content.  One who operates in the social media industry must try out diverse types of content.  This can aid you in discovering what is most effective for both your brand and audience.  To build a loyal following, it’s important to engage with your audience meaningfully and provide them with value.  Besides, you can assert yourself as a leader of thought in your sector.